International Private Law II.

An advanced course covering the law of torts, contract and legislation affecting valuable personal and business information and international communications, essential for any business seeking to protect its trade secrets and information.

Objectives of the Course:

The student will at the end of the Course:

  • be able to resolve cases with international element by applying the Czech and EU Law,
  • be able distinguish the sources of international private law included in international conventions, EU law and Czech law,
  • be able to analyse the impact of unification and harmonisation of law on International Private Law,
  • be able to analyse the protection of the weaker party by the way of the restricted choice of law in consumer contracts, contracts of carriage, insurance contracts and individual employment contracts,
  • be able to describe the role of the EU as an actor in the process of the unification of the International Private Law,
  • be able to understand the Czech and EU Law regulating the field of International Private Law, with an emphasis on the law applicable to contractual and non-contractual obligations.

The consideration will be given to definition and characteristics of the following terminology:

Private International Law, Choice of Law, Conflict of Laws, Applicable Law, Scope of Application, Uniform Rules, Contracts of Carriage, Consumer Contracts, Insurance Contracts, Individual Employment Contracts, Overriding Mandatory Provisions, Consent and Material Validity, Formal Validity, Scope of the Applicable Law, Incapacity, Voluntary Assignment and Contractual Subrogation, Legal Subrogation, Multiple Liability, Set-Off, Burden of Proof, Habitual Residence, Exclusion of Renvoi, Public Policy of the Forum, States with More Than One Legal System, Rome Convention, Rome I Regulation, Rome II Regulation, Entry into Force of the Regulations, Contractual Obligations, Non-Contractual Obligations, Universal Application, Tort, Delict, Unfair Competition, Product Liability, Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, Negotiorum Gestio, Industrial Action, Unjust Enrichment, Culpa in Contrahendo, Rules of Safety and Conduct, Direct Action Against the Insurer of the Person Liable, Subrogation, Multiple Liability, Renvoi, Formal Validity, Burden of Proof.

Garant modulu:

JUDr. Petr Dobiáš, Ph.D.

In his research and teaching activities, he primarily focuses on dispute resolution in the International Commercial Law [International Commercial Arbitration] and European Private International Law [specifically choice of law rules in the field of contractual and non-contractual obligations under the Rome I and Rome II] not only from the theoretical point of view, but also with regard to the practical possibilities of the development of alternative dispute resolution in the framework of the European Union. Further on arbitration on the basis of international agreements on encouragement and protection of investments and international commodity arbitration.

Petr Dobiáš is the co-author of the publication International Business Law (Chapters: International licensing contract and International contract for construction of industrial works) and author of the publication Selected Issues of the International Insurance Law in Consideration of the Resolution of Insurance Disputes in Arbitration Proceedings.

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