Bachelor of Business Administration – Law Specialisation

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) professional educational programme is mostly focused on the introduction to the law disciplines, which are later expanded upon in the MBA programmes.

As far as MBA programmes are concerned, this BBA programme is an independent lower level of professional education. However, it mostly allows those students, who do not fulfil the condition
of having a complete university education or do not have enough practical experience in a leading
(management) position, to study in one of our MBA programmes.


Study BBA:

  • In the Czech Language
  • One (when taking the shortened form of study) or two semesters
  • As a distant learner (with non-compulsory topical meetings)

Basic modules of BBA programme:

I.semestr II.semestr
1. Law Theory 1. Fundamental Principles of Private Law
2. Management 2. Politics
3. Theory of Distribution of Power 3. Fundamental Principles of Administration Law
4. Constitutional Order of the Czech Republic 4. Thesis


Basic modules of the shortened form of the BBA programme*:

        I. semestr

  • Law Theory
  • Management
  • Theory of Distribution of Power
  • Constitutional Order of the Czech Republic
  • Fundamental Principles of Private Law
  • Politics
  • Fundamental Principles of Administration Law
  • Dissertation

 [* The students, who wish to continue their studies with one of our MBA programmes can apply for the shortened form of the BBA programme. In this case, they are allowed to complete all the modules of their BBA studies in the first semester. The BBA programme is in this case completed by submitting a BBA dissertation. The students then complete the final oral exam and defend their MBA dissertation when they are finishing their subsequent MBA studies.]


Lecturers of the BBA programme:

Lecturers of the BBA programme
1. Mgr. Bc. Patrik Frk 1. JUDr. Valentin Foltýn, Ph.D.
2. JUDr. Luděk Lisse, Ph.D. LL.M. MPA 2. Mgr. Bc. Alice Strnadová, MBA
3. JUDr. František Zoulík, CSc. 3. doc. JUDr. PhDr. Jiří Bílý, CSc.


About the course of study:
In the course of their studies, the students complete a total number of eight modules. The period of study is divided into two semesters, each consisting of four modules (in the second semester, the fourth module is a dissertation). The students prepare for the completion of their study obligations by attending consultations with the lecturers and self-studying on the basis of background papers, which are available online in the student section (every student receives an access password). The main study obligation of the students is to write a seminar work for each module. This seminar work is then assessed by the lecturer. The assessment also includes a verbal evaluation. Studies are completed by defending a dissertation and passing a final oral exam.


Programme Brochure (czech version):

  • Version for print is availaible here...
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