The British Chamber of Commerce

The British Chamber of Commerce was established in 1997. . It currently consists of 240 companies
(including both large investors and smaller companies) representing British interests in the Czech Republic.

The main objective of the Chamber is to strengthen commercial relations between the Czech Republic and the UK, and thus to improve the competition and competitiveness in the Czech Republic. The secondary objective is then to provide a platform for the creation of new business opportunities.

The Chamber works independently of the British Embassy in the Czech Republic but the two institutions are, however, connected by their good mutual relationship as well as by the commercial and investment department. The Chamber is a member of the COBCOE – a group of British commercial chambers in continental Europe (www.cobcoe.org.uk).

Its quality is confirmed by the Chamber of the Year 2004 Award and by the fact that it was evaluated the best British chamber in Europe, out of the total number of 23 existing chambers.  Moreover, it is necessary to mention that it is one of the biggest propagators of the activities in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Chamber organises various educational seminars on this topic, and it also provides platforms for its members and supports their activities within CSR.

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce is an Anglo-Saxon company whose main activity is the support of the commercial chamber as well as the activities of its own entrepreneurial network, which currently consists of more than 2000 founding members.

The Chamber primarily tries to strengthen the position of its members and, at the same time, advocates its business interests. It helps various companies to grow professionally and to flourish. The fact that it was awarded the “UK Chamber of the Year” confirms that it fulfils its goals.

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce offers its members a lot of business opportunities as well as internal events, during which they can broaden their entrepreneurial networks, find a variety of new contacts and therefore strengthen their own businesses. For these purposes, it uses a varied spectrum of benefits, which help commercial activities not only in England and Scotland, but also on the international level.


The Czech Institute of Internal Auditors

The Czech Institute of Internal Auditors (further referred to as the CIIA) is a civil association of internal auditors with the purpose of enforcing and supporting the development of internal auditing in the Czech Republic.

The CIIA is a national institute of the international Institute of Internal Auditors Inc., which was established in 1941 in the USA, and which now represents 90 thousand experts from more than 165 countries.

The CIIA was accepted to the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA), which has been developing its activities since 1982 and which currently associates 33 countries from Europe and the region of Africa, Asia and the adjoining Mediterranean region, with more than 12 thousand internal auditors altogether.

The Czech Institute of Internal Auditors has been functioning since March, 1995. It has more than 1000 members. Its highest body is the Assembly, which meets regularly every year. The activities of the CIIA are conducted by the Council, which is headed by the President, and controlled by a three-member control commission.


The Czech Management Association

Entrepreneurial subjects play a key role in the creation of not only material values in the environment of the global economy. It is these managers who significantly influence the final effects of the conducted subject.

The Czech Management Association makes sure that they can fully apply their abilities, knowledge and experience.


The Czech Chamber of Commerce

The Czech Chamber of Commerce represents the entrepreneurial public. According to the law, it supports all business areas with the exceptions of agriculture, the food-processing industry and forestry (those areas are under the competence of the Czech Agrarian Chamber).

The main objective of the Chamber is to create opportunities for entrepreneurship, and to promote and support measures that contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic, and therefore to the overall economic stability of the country.

The Czech Chamber of Commerce associates almost 14 000 members (corporate bodies as well as natural persons), organised in 66 regional and 84 departmental associations.


AIVD is a professional organisation with a tradition since 1990 whose aim is to advocate the interests and needs of institutions of education for adults, to concentrate professional capacities for solving conceptions and development in this area, to co-operate with state bodies and other subjects in the preparation and application of legislative and other measures in the area of education of adults, to organise specialist and popularising events, to publish specialised publications, and to represent its members and their activities in domestic as well as international associations.

AIVD is a member of the Union of Employers’ Unions in the Czech Republic and the international ReferNet expert network. The AIVD CR has its representatives in the National Council for Qualifications, the Expert Group of the MSMT (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports), the Accreditation Commission for re-qualification programmes of the MSMT and a number of other commissions and boards.


The Czech Economic Society

The Czech Economic Society (the CSE) is a civil association of specialist employees and promoters in the area ofeconomics. Its main objective is to contribute to the development and popularisation of economics in the Czech Republic in a way which respects and supports the plurality of opinions and the peculiar development of the particular economic approaches.

To achieve this goal, the CSE organises lectures, seminars and competitions for young economists and publishes publications with economic content. Once in two years, it holds a biannual conference, which is in the odd year alternated by the organisation of the general assembly.

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