Some of Our Lecturers

doc. PhDr. Ing. Jan Urban, CSc.
Doc. PhDr. Ing. Jan Urban, CSc. dedicates himself to managerial consultancy and the organisation and development of human resources. He is director and co-owner of the Consilium Group s.r.o., the author of many articles and a number of publications on the topic of human resources management and company organisation. He teaches at Charles University and at the University of Economics in Prague, he is also a lecturer at educational events within the sphere of business.

He has extensive experience with business practice and he emphasises the need for the courses to be conducted with a focus on interactivity. Among other things, he focuses on the areas of leadership, motivation and the remuneration of employees and managers.

He is the specialist guarantee of the MBA Human Resources Administration and Personnel Management programme.

PhDr. Jan Kubáček
PhDr. Jan Kubáček studied to be a political scientist. He used to be an advisor to (and he still gives advice to) one prime minister, two vice prime ministers, and eight ministers. He specialises in communication analyses, political strategies, political and communication management, political psychology and sociology, elimination and the prevention of manipulation, public affairs and communication of public corporations.

He gives lectures at a number of universities and specialised institutes both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Moreover, he works as an analyst, consultant and a specialised lecturer for both the private and the public sector. He is the author of more than 150 specialised and popularising articles and analyses as well as a number of specialised publications and studies.

PhDr. Jan Kubáček is the specialist guarantee of the MBA Public Relations programme.


PaedDr. Václav Pecka
PaedDr. Václav Pecka has been working in the sphere of public affairs for more than 16 years. From 1996, he was working as the Deputy Director at the British GJW Government Relations Ltd.company and later he was employed by the company American Weber Shandwick Worldwide.

In the years 1996–1997, he was the leader of the GJW, IVVM and Anopress consortium team, which elaborated the fundamental communication strategies for the Czech Republic’s admission to the European Union for both the Czech Republic and the European Commission.

He specialises in political and system analyses, sociological research, and especially public affairs across the entire political spectrum. He gives lectures on these issues at the Austrian IIR, and also on occasion for other associations (the APRA) or universities (VŠERS).

He currently works as the Chief Consultant at the Essential Communication s.r.o. company, which specialises in public affairs.


PhDr. Marie Hamplová
PhDr. Marie Hamplová used to work as the director of the Education and Science Department at the Ministry of Health. She also worked for the WHO (specialised on international development aid in Asia and Africa), and for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the director of the Public Information and External Economic Relations Department (the World Bank, Asia and Africa).

She currently also teaches  Contemporary Trends in Marketing Communication and Theory and History of Marketing Communication at the Jan Amos Komensky University at the department of social and media communication.

PhDr. Alena Kazdová
PhDr. Alena Kazdová is the editor of a journal specialising in Human Resources Management (HRM), published by the Economia a.s. publishing house. She studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University in Prague and then she worked for many years as the cultural editor at Orbis publishing. In the 1990s, she started to work at the Economia publishing as a journalist. Firstly, she wrote for the Ekonom weekly periodical and she devoted herself to the issues of education, the employment market and employment. Later, she devoted herself more to the areas of personnel administration and human resources management in companies.

PhDr. Alena Kazdová is, aside from being a journalist, also very interested in interpersonal communication and relations, culture, philosophy and psychology.


Mgr. Bc. Alice Strnadová, MBA
Mgr. Bc. Alice Strnadová, MBA used to work as a nurse at the gynaecological and later urological department of Thomayer University Hospital, where she, after her further studies, became a matron. Since 2000, she has been working there as the supervisor of the department of the individual programme of care.

She studied universities focused on public administration and andragogy, where she was awarded both the Bc. and the Mgr. degrees. Later, she was awarded the MBA degree. In 2008, she became an assistant professor at the First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague.


JUDr. Luděk Lisse, Ph.D. LL.M. MPA
JUDr. Luděk Lisse, Ph.D. LL.M. MPA is a founder of the LISSE LEGAL lawyer’s office and a member of the Czech Bar Association. He is both scientifically and pedagogically active at The Institute of Law and Jurisprudence, o.p.s., he also gives lectures at other educational institutions and universities. He is also an arbitrator at the IAL SE Arbitration Court.

His publication activity consists of more than 80 specialised articles in legal journals and legal portals, university lecture notes (Insolvency procedure, Civil process - VŠFS 2008) as well as monographs (for example Overview of judicature in the matters of arbitration procedures, Wolters Kluwer ČR, a.s. 2011 or Commentary to the law on arbitration procedures, LINDE 2012).

JUDr. Luděk Lisse, Ph.D. LL.M. MPA is the specialist guarantee of the MBA Public Law programme.

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