Why study MBA with us?

Books and a benefit card for free
You surely know this from your previous studies. For every module, you have to read some of the books included in the compulsory reading list. But, unfortunately, not every library or bookshop has what you need on offer at the time. Your studies then become some kind of a detective story and the book hunt for the books you cannot do without begins... With us, you have got this sorted out! Because we appreciate our students, this year, we have decided to give you some of the books included in the compulsory reading list for free as a bonus! Every student, from all the programmes, is going to be given books of the value of up to 4.000Czk. Moreover, you will also receive a benefit card for free!

Studies last for two semesters

In West-European countries, MBA studies are usually two years long. However, at our institution, studies are very intensive and, therefore, our students only study two semesters.  This shorter period of studies does not have any effect on its quality and it is more progressive in terms of its course. It will save you a lot of time which you can then make better use of.



In the Czech and Slovak language
Another important criterion of studies is the instruction language. Not everyone has the ability to be fluent in a foreign language, which is a big disadvantage for some of our applicants. At some institutions it is possible to study in quality professional MBA programmes also in the Czech language - we are one of those institutions.


Distance learning

Some of our students work in positions which require a high level of flexibility as well as an intensive work load. Their free time is limited and a lot of them have to devote this free time to bringing up their children. Is it possible to squeeze in MBA studies? The solution to this situation is the distance learning form of MBA studies, which is accommodating for the usual work related duties of the student and does not disrupt their normal work schedule. You can study at home and you do not need to attend lectures.

We have top class lecturers
One of the things that determine the quality of educational institutions are their teams of lecturers. No one wants to employ teachers with insufficient experience or rigid teaching methods, which are incompatible with the current requirements of the market. Our lecturers have experience teaching at prestigious universities, they also work in the private sphere and many of them also have experience in the international environment.


We are accredited

Our educational isntitution is internationally certified by the International Education Society, London (IES). Our students have the possibilty to be awarded the IES certificate (www.iescertifikat.cz). The certificate enables its holder to establish themselves on both the international and the domestic job market as well as provides the employers with quality information which is not included in the usual reports and certifications.


Graduate employability
Our graduates are the employees of prestigious domestic companies such as ČEZ, ČSOB, Česká Spořitelna, Oracle and the like. Their professional skills as well as the new knowledge they have gained during their studies pay off very soon in their everyday working environment.



We are recommended by our students

Our students often give us positive feedback and talk about us in a positive way with their acquaintances. This is proven by the fact that the majority of people interested in our MBA professional programmes decide to study at our institution due to a positive personal recommendation from one of our graduates or current students.

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