“I consider my experience with one of the educational programmes at The Institute of Law and Jurisprudence to be very positive.
It showed me the complexity with which education can be approached.

I would especially like to mention the form of instruction, the division of the specialisation into basic modules, which are very purposefully and logically interconnected, the possibility of individual consultations, and the commented evaluations. Moreover,
I would like to emphasise the friendly attitude of the particular lecturers and the friendly but at the same time very professional ambiance.

Overall, I think that, through studying at the ILJ, I encountered the best and the most effective “educational system”, which significantly helped me to broaden my knowledge and to be able to use my knowledge practically.”

Ing. Václav Pirkl, MBA
Projecting and development of the exchequer, The Ministry of Finance

“I have to say that studying one of the specialised educational programmes at your ILJ was very beneficial to me, especially due to the way the programme, which covers a wide range of mutually interconnected topics, which form a unified core providing me with a compact and complex basis of information, is structured.”

“I also appreciate the configuration of the evaluations of seminar works in which, due to the commented evaluations, the student receives an entirely outright feedback stating whether or not they completely understood the given problem.”

Ing. Bc. Ludmila Klimešová
taxation officer, the Czech Tax Administration


“I decided to study at The Institute of Law and Jurisprudence because it offers the possibility to study in the form of e-learning, which means to be a distant learner, and thus to basically study from home, without any need to be limited by fixed lecture times.

The provided information is easily applicable, not only in the area of commercial enterprises, but also in the area of public administration, where some of the knowledge of modern theories, gained from the lectured subjects, is now also beginning to be very successfully enforced. I very much appreciate the willingness of the pedagogical staff of the Institute to make the lectures interesting and focused on practical activities in various companies, corporations as well as institutions, and I also appreciate their erudition in terms of discussions on specialised topics of concern to particular students.”

pplk. Ing. Pavel Otřísal
student of a PhD study programme, the University of Defence,Vyškov


“I decided to study at The Institute of Law and Jurisprudence especially due to the fact that studying there is flexible, and the students are very independent. I can now say that it was one of the best decisions I have made, and not only because of the practical advantages the Institute offers, but also because of the professional and very friendly attitude of all the people I met during my studies.

Studying at The Institute of Law and Jurisprudence provided me not only with interesting experience with e-learning style education, but also with valuable experience and advice of experts from the field of law and jurisprudence, which I practically use on a daily basis.”

Ing. Petra Šumná
Project Organisation Management, Komerční banka, a.s.

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