Social and Communications Knowledge of Manager

doc. PhDr. Ing. Jan Urban, CSc.

Lektor na Ústavu práva a právní vědy, o.p.s. a člen správní rady European Business School SE

The aim of this module is to use the knowledge particularly in the field of social psychology, work and organizational psychology and personality psychology, focusing on social and communication skills of managers to improve these skills and thus to improve the efficiency of meetings, improved team cooperation, stronger position in negotiations, improving the atmosphere in the working environment and reduce stress.

In this module we will address the social and communication skills, particularly effective communication, assertiveness on the theoretical and practical level. We will learn how the social relations, how the social communication and perception, and the more we can control. Also, we focus on minimizing conflict and emotional intelligence, listening skills, social habits, automatic responses, self-development, assertive responses, constructive criticism and praise art.

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