How do MBA studies work

How do MBA studies work?
MBA studies consist of two semesters, each of them is 6 months long and the overall time of study is, therefore, one year. Every semester, the student completes approximately six subjects (modules), which determine their admission to the final professional exam. The last module of their studies in the last semester is devoted to their dissertation, which is then followed by the defence of their dissertation and by the final professional exam. In the course of the their studies, the students do not sit oral exams within the particular modules, but write seminar works, which are graded by the particular lecturer.

Instruction is in the Czech language and the form of study is distance. This form interconnects e-learning and topical meetings for each module. The overall length of all the meetings for one module is 3 hours (topical meetings are an alternative to university lectures and they are not compulsory).

Do I have to go to lectures?
No, you do not. Once you have applied and paid the tuition fee, you will be given access to the Student Section on our website and you can study entirely on-line. All the necessary materials (such as syllabuses, criteria for seminar work submission, deadlines etc.) are available there. It is possible to plan your personal timetable and later on, you can submit all the seminar works electronically on the Internet. The date for the first topical meeting is set approximately three weeks after the beginning of the given study cycle, so that the students have enough time to revise all the necessary information. Once you have taken part in a topical meeting, you have 30 days to submit a seminar work for the particular module. Thanks to the e-learning method, the students can do most of their work at home. The topical meetings are not compulsory but we do advise you to attend them at least once.


Where do the topical meetings take place?
The lectures take place in the Institute of Law and Jurisprudence®, o.p.s. on the following address: Konviktská 24, 110 00 Prague 1. In each cycle, the lectures go on for two months and they usually take place two to three times a week. The lectures are not compulsory but attendence is rewarded with a record, which is awarded by the lecturer at the last lecture.

Are the topical meetings compulsory?
No, they are not. However, we do advise the students to take part in them. The topical meetings provide both the lecture on the given topic and personal contact with the lecturer. The lecturer is an expert in the given area and provides the students with valuable advice from both theory and the practical experience. During the meetings, refreshments are provided and, together with the lecturer, the school office is also present for the students to answer their questions. However, it is possible to graduate without attending the topical meetings.


What are the criteria for seminar works?
Seminar works are either in the Czech or in the Slovak language and their extent must be from the minimum of 10 to the maximum of 20 standard pages of text. Seminar works are one-sided. Footnotes, bibliography, appendixes and the front page are not included in the assigned length. The front page contains the title, name and surname of the student and the lecturer, the name of the educational programme, the indication of the study cycle, the name of the module, the title of the seminar work and the date of completion. Furthermore, the front page must include the logo of the intuition as well as of the Centre of professional studies. The work also includes a table of contents, which follows after the front page.


Where can I find all the materials necessary for my studies?
Every student is allocated access details for the Student section, which is a part of the internal website of the Institute of Law and Jurisprudence®, o.p.s. This is where you can find all the syllabuses for the particular modules (in which the lecturer sets the compulsory reading list, which the students can borrow for free in the library of our institution), overviews of the topical meetings, and also where you can submit your seminar works, which are later graded. In the Student section, you can also find all the information and news concerning any possible changes in your studies and timetables.


And what about the compulsory reading?
The Institute of Law and Jurisprudence®, o.p.s. has its own library, where students can find all the books included in the compulsory reading lists and also borrow them. Moreover, we now provide bonuses of free books for all our students.


What are the possibilities of funding my studies?
When submitting their application, the students have a possibility to choose in how many instalments they would like to pay their tuition fee. It is possible to pay the entire fee at once or, alternatively, in two instalments. In case the applicant requires this, we are able to provide a credit-based funding for the entire studies.


Can MBA studies be funded by an employer?
Employers can factor the expenses of MBA studies into the base of income tax as expenses relating to the professional development of employees and it is therefore an item which is acknowledged in terms of taxation. As far as employees are concerned, this is considered an income, which is, according to the law on income tax, freed of taxation providing the studies of the employee are connected with the area of business of the employer.


Can I study in an MBA programme even though I do not have a university education?
Even though one of the conditions for acceptance to an MBA programme is a university degree, this can be substituted by practical experience in the given area. Therefore, if the student did not graduate from a university, they have to prove relevant sufficient practical experience in a leadership or managerial position while submitting their application.


Which language is the language of instruction?
The language of instruction is the Czech and the Slovak language(s).


What are the possibilities of discontinuing my studies?
Students can apply to have their studies discontinued for up to six months, if they have serious work related or personal reasons to do so. Once the period of discontinuance is over, studies resume at the point where they had been discontinued. The students also have the possibility to discontinue their studies for a shorter period of time by submitting the so-called Application for transfer, which enables them to be transferred to a different study cycle so that they can attend topical meetings together with a group of students who started their studies later.


What is the form of the final professional exam?
Students sit their final professional exam together with their dissertation defence at the very end of their studies. The exam takes place in front of a three member examination board andthe students draw three question areas and have 15 minutes for each area. The list of all the exam question areas for the given programme is available to the students prior to the final exam. The objective of the final exam is to test whether the students understand the given issue and are able to practically apply the knowledge they have gained.


Is the MBA title accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic?
The MBA professional educational programmes are not considered university education in accordance with the Law 111/1998 Coll. and as amended and complemented by further laws ("University Act"), as amended by further regulations. The MBA and the BBA titles are not considered academic titles and the University Act does not apply to them. The MBA and the BBA titles are titles of postgraduate managerial studies but they are, however, usually recognised in managerial practice.


Is the MBA title recognised internationally?
The decision regarding the validation of lies within the particular company or institution as well as within the legislature of the given state. Nonetheless, the MBA title is frequently used in managerial practice on the international level. MBA degrees are considered a form of professional education as they involve the acquiring of management skills as well as the prerequisites for faster progress in management careers. In managerial practice, the MBA title is recognised on the global level.


How to choose a programme?
A quality educational institution offers to its applicants prospective programmes which reflect the current demands of the job market.  This applies not only to the situation in the Czech Republic, but also to the situation world-wide. The MBA programmes of such educational institutions include profile subjects, which correspond with both the needs of the practical experience and the requirements posed by the employers. If you do not know how to submit your application and you are still not sure whether you have chosen the right programme for you, contact us. Call us on +420 608 579 570 or email us to podatelna@ustavprava.cz and we will be able to help you.

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