Arbitration Law

JUDr. Petr Dobiáš, Ph.D., MBA

Lektor na Ústavu práva a právní vědy, o.p.s. a European Business School SE

ID: EN-LAW-28-11-328

Objectives of the Course:

The student will at the end of the Course:

  • be able to determine the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal,
  • be able distinguish the sources of international arbitration law included in international conventions and Czech law,
  • be able to analyse the impact of unification of law on International Arbitration Law,
  • be able to analyse the protection of the weaker party by the way of the protection of consumer and employee in arbitral proceedings on national level,
  • be able to describe the role of the United Nations as an actor in the process of the unification of the International Arbitration Law,
  • be able to understand the Czech and International Law regulating the field of International Arbitration Law, with an emphasis on the law regulating recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

The consideration will be given to definition and characteristics of the following terminology:

Arbitrator, International Arbitration Law, Lex Arbitri, Judicial Assistance, Arbitration Clause, Lis Pendens – Related Actions, Provisional Measures, Protective Measures, Interim Measures, Recognition of Foreign Arbitral Awards, Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, Declaration of Enforcement, Authentic Instrument, Settlement, Scope of Application, New York Convention 1958, Geneva Convention 1961, Panama Convention 1965, Uniform Rules, Consumer Arbitration, Insurance Arbitration, Maritime Arbitration, Stock-Exchange Arbitration, Burden of Proof, Public Policy of the Forum, Setting Aside of the Arbitral Award, Evidence, Witness Statement, Expert Witness, Arbitral Court, Arbitral Tribunal, Truncated Tribunal.

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