Ing. Libor Friedel, MBA

Garant programu MBA strategický management

ID: EN-MNG-20-11-420

The objective of the stated module taught within the Business Development program is to enrich the theoretical knowledge of students and combine them with their practical experience, where innovation expresses change and novelties, such as the implementation of scientific and technical advancement, new kinds of products. Innovation leads to savings in labour and natural resources. Innovation means the improvement or gradual development of a given product. According to the National Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic innovation is the renewal and expansion of the range of products and services and related markets, the creation of new methods of production, supply and distribution, the implementation of changes in management, work organization, working conditions and qualifications of the workforce. The module is lectured and moderated by the guarantor of the EMBA Business Development Program, Professor Pitr, who has been dealing with the issue of project management and innovation for years and who will also present the course in the light of the global market of the 21st century, in particular from the aspect of medium and larger sized corporations and their corporate development.


There’s an important difference between being innovative and being an innovative enterprise: The former generates lots of ideas, the latter generates lots of cash! The approach that a business uses to commercialize an innovation is therefore critical because it helps determine how much money the business will make from that product over the years. Many ideas failed because businesses went about developing and commercializing them the wrong way. If a company stays locked inside its own four walls, how will it be able to uncover and exploit opportunities outside its existing business or beyond its current technical or operational capabilities?

  • Innovation principles and categories: permanent and disruptive innovations, innovation’s orientation, innovation a natural element of commerce, innovation strategy and company’s competitiveness
  • Innovation’s development process: from the first business idea to the commercially successful launch, three steps to the innovation success, business innovation ecosystems
  • Open innovation: conditions of innovation’s process opening, three dimensions of the business opportunities, integrator or orchestrator approach, licensing

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